3rd Annual SCTC Automotive SkillsUSA chapter
participates in Van Donation


The St. Cloud Technical College (SCTC) Automotive SkillsUSA chapter is in it's 3rd year donating a van to a family in need in the St. Cloud area.


The van went to a family in the St. Cloud area that has a child with special needs and who had no transportation.  The van was a 1993 Mercury Villager that had a great body and interior but needed mechanical work.

It was donated to the SkillsUSA chapter in November 2005 and the students made the repairs and paid for the parts out of the funds that could have been used for trips or other activities.  The van needed head gaskets,  tune up, minor brake work, electrical, one injector, and other miscellaneous work. Each van goes through our program and gets worked on by the SkillsUSA students and non-SkillsUSA students.

Automotive instructors evaluate the van to see if it would make a good donation and the SkillsUSA Chapter members vote on whether they want to donate the van or not. It was donated on May 3rd and the students had a chance to meet the family. It's always great to watch the reaction of the family and students at this time.  The families have always been so grateful to have received something like this at a time in their lives when they need it said Jim Allex, Automotive Instructor. After the presentation the students share with the family how they have always taken cars for granted. These students explain how they are capable of buying and repairing  any car and haven't realize that many people cannot do that.

SCTC Automotive program currently have a 1996 Town and Country Van that
appears to be a good van for next year's donation.

Students are advised by Mr. Jim Allex, Automotive  Instructor, SkillsUSA
Advisor at St. Cloud Technical College, St. Cloud, MN.

Van Donation

Van Donation