1. SkillsUSA Motto
2. 2013-14 SkillsUSA Theme
3. SkillsUSA Colors and their meaning
4. Six points of the SkillsUSA Creed
5. Official Emblem and meaning
6. SkillsUSA Pledge
7. Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag
8. Official Dress
9. One part in the Opening Ceremony
10. National SkillsUSA Chief Executive Director
11. SkillsUSA Core Message
12. SkillsUSA Minnesota State Director
13. National SkillsUSA has how many regions
14. SkillsUSA Minnesota is part of which region
15. List one duty of each office (6)
16. List the four (4) key qualities of an orderly meeting
17. List the 2013-2014 National Officer Presidents for each division
18. Attend all sessions of leadership conference


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SkillsUSA Jacket Orders

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