2017 Leadership Conference


The One - The Only – 31st Annual

October  26th - 28th , 2017

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This conference is without a doubt, the best leadership training available for ALL members  and advisors! The 2017 SkillsUSA State Leadership Training  Conference registration is  NOW OPEN ! You will find the registration form  and more information in this email as well as on our Website.  Check out the attachment below ! Please share this information with your local chapters members . If you’re a new advisor or you have a chapter struggling with getting off the ground this school year, this is the experience they need!

General Information

The Fall Leadership Training Professional Conference is a leadership conference with training for Local Officers and Advisors on how to run a local chapter. Students and advisors will be divided into color chapters and they will run an  entire year’s program in the 2 ½ days of the conference. The students will be planning, implementing and completing  community service projects, fundraisers, officer elections, newspaper articles, contests, completing secretary’s and  treasurer s notebooks, general sessions and all the necessary elements to have a successful chapter through  the National Program of Work, Chapter Excellence Program, and the SkillsUSA Framework.

In 1986 Minnesota SkillsUSA held its first Fall Leadership Training  Professional  Conference.  The success was  overwhelming and the conference has become part of the SkillsUSA Minnesota yearly calendar.  The conference  is  without a doubt, the best leadership training available for ALL members and advisors.  It is designed primarily for  Chapter Advisors and Chapter Members so that they may take their training back to the local level and build a  strong  chapter, but everyone is  encouraged to attend.  This conference produces quality SkillsUSA students and quality  chapters.  Many of our  state officers and national competitors are veterans of this event. This training experience is  invaluable for advisors as well as students.

We do request each  Advisor who is attending this conference be responsible for Completing and submitting registration materials  and fees on time. 

Recommended advisor to student ratio should be: Leadership Conference: 1 advisor per 6 students in attendance (ratio) Delegate and State Conference: 1 advisor per 10 students in attendance (ratio) Chapters with students in special populations may need a 1:1 ratio.  (1 advisor to 1 student) 2

In addition to the many activities, the conference high lights the following areas:

  • Intensive leadership training in areas such as communication skills, group dynamics and job interviewing skills
  • Learn how to use the “NEW” CEP   Chapter Excellence Program
  • Parliamentary procedure
  • Opportunity to earn t he SkillsUSA Leadership Award
  • Opportunity to build knowledge of SkillsUSA’s programs and how to participate
  • Opportunity to function as part of a team
  • Opportunities for each participant to receive individual recognition
  • Building the skills to develop a Community Service Project with in your chapter
  • Meet new people and develop friendships as each participant learns ways to add interest and meaning to their education.

The conference will be held  Thursday, October  26th through Saturday, October  28th , 2017 , at the  Holiday Inn  Alexandria , 5637 Highway 29 South  •  Alexandria, MN.  (320) 763 - 6577 The Opening General Session will  begin promptly at 10:00 a.m . If you have a distance to travel, you may wish to  check in Wednesday evening.   A conference  agenda is enclosed.    (No REFUNDS after October 2 0 th , 2017 ).

Conference  Registration  is Due on  – Tues day , October  1 7 th , 2017 Please submit the “NEW” Conference Registration Form Electronically   by using the Excel Document, and either  FAX or bring a copy o f the FSLDC MN   Form 1 for each Conference attendee  – this includes advisors to the State  SkillsUSA Office.    Please submit your Hotel Reservations directly to the Hotel!

“EARLY BIRD” Conference Registration is  $150 .00 per person (students and advisors)
A  $25.00 LATE FEE per person will be assessed for Registration arriving after October  17th
Payment MUST BE RECEIVED  into the State Office before Attending the Leadership Conference!
Please see Conference Registration Form attached in Packet
This includes all conference meals and materials.

The conference registration fee is $150 .00 per person attending and covers the following:

  • 2 Dinner Buffets (Day #1, #2)
  • All workshop and training materials
  • 2 Lunch Buffets (Day #1, #2 )
  • SkillsUSA Leadership Award Pins
  • 2 Breakfast Buffets  (Day # 2 & #3)
  • SkillsUSA Leadership T-Shirt
  • Awards Breakfast and Program (Day #3)

Bring to the Conference  – Clothing, Liability Form , and Service Project material- Fleece Material for (3) projects per SkillsUSA Chapter

  • We request that your students bring a dress white shirt or blouse, black pants, black neckties, black shoes etc.
  • Please bring Official Red Blazer for your students if your school has them.  If you do not have a red blazer   don’t worry,  blazers may be borrowed in headquarters during the conference.
  • All Conference Attendees must bring or send in prior to registration the  FSLDC MN   Form 1:  Registration, Personal and Liability Release Form / Code of Conduct/ Photo Release Form

Adaptation for Achievement Form  

Any Special Diets  or needs for your students  

Let the State Office Know? In order to provide all students the opportunity to successfully participate and achieve in the full range of SkillsUSA activities and  competitive events, please complete the following checklist. This  will assist in the identification of any special services or  equipment required by your SkillsUSA student(s). Please complete one form for each student who is in need of Adaptations for  Achievement.

•  Please let the State Office know if a student has any  dietary restriction, or any special needs under the  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).    Fill Out the Adaptation for Achievement Form located on the website.

FSLDC  Form 1:  

Registration, Personal and Liability Release Form / Code of Conduct/ Photo Release Form Enclosed is a copy of the registration, personal and liability release form /code of conduct/ and photo release form that will must  be signed by each participant attending this conference.  Please review the Code of Conduct with your student s prior to  registration so there are no surprises when the students arrive at the  conference.   This is a working conference with very little  free time.  Students and advisors attending should be willing to "give it their all" if they want to attend. Please TURN in ALL  FORMS upon Registration or mail or FAX forms in before arriving.

Dress Code:

At one time or another, all participants need to be in official SkillsUSA dress or business attire.  If official dress is unobtainable, we  still encourage students a nd advisors to attend.  Recreation, Free Time, Chapter Work Activities and Meal Time appropriate sports or casual wear must be worn.    Shorts and/or swimsuits are prohibited unless swimming during free time.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENTS ARE AWARE OF T HE NEED FOR OFFICIAL SkillsUSA DRESS! Even if your school does not  have the red blazers,  request that your students bring white shirts or blouses, black skirts or pants, black neckties, black shoes,  etc .  To eliminate as much “clothes exchange” as possible.  Blazers may often be borrowed from other attending schools.   PLEASE NOTE :  If you have extra SkillsUSA blazers at your school it's a good idea to bring them along.  Everyone needs to be in  "Reds" a number of times during the conference.  

Hotel Registration is Due on  – Friday, October  13th , 2017

Hotel reservations should be made directly with the hotel by  Fri day, October 13th . If you do not know who will be attending  from your school but know an approximate number of rooms, you may want to call and have rooms held and notify them of  names as soon as possible.  Hotel rates are as follows:    (Fax Number:  320-762-2092) Hotel Form included in packet! 2017 Hotel Rates 

  • Two Double Beds $84.99 + 10.375% tax =  $93.81 per night
  • King Room with Pull - Out Sofa  $94.99 +10.375% tax = $104.85 per night
  • Two Double Beds - Recreation Area Room (pool & volleyball area ) $104.99 + 10.375% tax =  $115.89 per night

(Incidental charges are not included in quoted prices)
(All room type requests are based upon  availability at time of reservation)
* If you plan to order a Roll - a - way bed, this is an EXTRA CHARGE per bed.   (Limited number on - site)


When placing your reservations   the Hotel is  requesting you to choose one of three options for payment:

Option 1: Send Purchase Order# directly to hotel with reservation form
Option 2: Send School Check directly to hotel with reservation form
Option 3: Send completed credit card authorization form to the hotel with your hotel registration form and include a copy of the  attached form.   A copy of this form is attached to your Hotel Reservation form and also located on the website.

Advisor Clock Hours

Each Advisor will be issued clock hour certificates for  36 hours for attending the full conference.

Leadership Award

Each attendee is encouraged to earn the Leadership Award.  The Criteria is included in this emailing.  It is for your information  only.  All advisors and students attending the conference will be encouraged to earn this award.  You may begin  working on the  criteria prior to conference if you wish.  Time will be allotted to work on the award during the conference.

Equipment Needed per School or SkillsUSA Chapter

We are requesting that each instructor attempt to locate and bring with them a  COMP UTER WITH SOFTWARE A ND COMPATIBLE  PRINTER. Computer use will be allowed for  word processing only and not for graphics. The conference staff and/or the hotel  will resume no responsibility for equipment brought in.   Headquarters computer will be unavailabl e for chapter work.   (Don’t  forget to bring an extension cord).  The Hotel is equipped for Wireless Internet in the Conference Center area for computers. (Students are NOT required to bring a Laptop Computer with them to this conference!)

Also if each sch ool  can bring (1) Digital Camera to be used by it’s student members for Chapter activities. A Card Reader will be provided per Colored Chapter Groups with USB  (PC/Mac) capabilities. 

Fall Leadership  – SERVICE PROJECT - Lakes Area Humane Society. Alexandria, MN

This years recipients of our Fall Leadership Service Project will be the  Lakes Area Humane Society located in Alexandria, MN. This  is a Volunteer opportunity for SkillsUSA to give back during our Fall Conference by providing small warm fleece blankets to the  Lakes Area Humane Society to each Adopted pet and the new family. Do you love animals, want to make a difference and enjoy  a meaningful experience? The Lakes Area Humane Society is always looking for compassionate, caring volunteers who are  interested in helping  their organization accomplish  our  mission  and their mission  and provide the best possible environment for  the animals in  their  care.

**  We are asking that each SkillsUSA Chapter or School attending   Please bring Fleece Material to  ma ke (3) blanket’s .   This is  your gift to LAHS.   

Size of Fleece: 15” x 24”  each  One side a solid color/one side a print or you can bring  30” x 24 ”  one print design folded over

Please choose any print that you wish or think that a family would enjoy  with there new pet .  ( Examples:  paw prints,  hunting print, plaids, NFL)


1. SkillsUSA Motto 

2. 2017   2018 SkillsUSA Theme 

3. SkillsUSA Colors and their meaning  

4. Six points of the SkillsUS A Creed 

5. Official Emblem and meaning 

6. SkillsUSA Pledge 

7. Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S. Flag 

8. Official Dress 

9. One part in the Opening Ceremony 

10. National SkillsUSA Executive Director 

11. SkillsUSA Core Message

12 . SkillsUSA State Director 

13. List one duty of each office (6) 

14. List the four (4) key qualities of an orderly meeting

15 . Attend  all sessions of leadership conference

Rules of Conduct while in attendance!

Please note:  All in attendance will sign the following Rules of Conduct form once you get to the conference. This form is pa rt of the chapter  activities and the rules of conduct during your attendance.  If you need students to sign a C ode of Conduct before leaving for conference, please  use the FSLDC MN   From 1 that has emergency information provided for you .


This is a combined, High School /secondary & College / post secondary conference.   ALL students and advisors wil l adhere to  rules in attendance.  If you cannot abide by these guidelines, we ask you not to participate.

We are the guests of the Holiday Inn Alexandria and the people of Alexandria, MN!  What we do individually, good or bad,  reflects collectively on the organization.  Conduct damaging to our organization and conference is  totally unacceptable . If you  cannot abide by the rules, please do not even plan to attend.  Part of the leadership training activities of the conference i s to  learn appropriate behavior in motels/hotels so that you can set the example when you participate in your own local or state  activities.  Listed below are the rules of conduct that will help us to maintain a high level of character for the individual and  SkillsUSA Minnesota.

1. No  loud noises or horseplay in hallways and sleeping rooms.

2. Conference participants will be responsible for their sleeping rooms and hotel facilities.  Missing articles and property  damages will be assessed against the individual(s) involved.

3. No alcoh olic beverages or illegal drugs are allowed by conference participants at any time during the Leadership Conference.   Penalty for possession or use of such is subject to being sent home at your own expense.

4. For the good health and comfort of everyone,  smoking is discouraged at all times.  Smoking will not be allowed in the  chapter activity rooms.  Should you smoke elsewhere, you are requested not to do so while in official dress.

5. Members of the opposite sex shall not be found in the same sleeping ro oms unless an advisor is present and/or the door is  left open.  Students must be in their  own rooms after lights out.

6. Conference participants are required to wear name badges at all times.  It aids in getting to know each other and assists the hotel se curity in monitoring activities.

7. Harassment of any nature is unacceptable behavior and will not be tolerated. SkillsUSA Minnesota expects that all members  attending this conference will conduct themselves in a responsible manner that shows respect for  others and the community  at large.

8. All chapter work activities shall be suspended during general sessions and between the hours of lights out and breakfast  time.  An infraction of this rule will result in a 25   point loss in the Outstanding Chapter Note book imposed against the  chapter guilty of the infraction.   All conference participants are expected to be in attendance at all general sessions. (This  includes advisors)

9. Adherence to lights out hours is required of ALL conference participants.  An infraction of this rule will result in a  5 point loss per person per infraction in the Outstanding Chapter Scrapbook imposed against the chapter guilty of the  infraction. THIS FORM WILL BE DISTRIBUTED AND SIGNED BY  ALL CONFERENCE ATTENDEES UPON ARRIVAL AT T HE CONFERENCE.

SkillsUSA Fall State Leadership Training Professional Conference

Holiday Inn Alexandria
5637 Highway 29 South
Alexandria, MN 56308

TENTATIVE AGENDA for October  26   28, 2017

WEDNESDAY, October  25th

6:00pm State Staff Loads into Hotel / Headquarters / State officer arrive after 7 pm
11:00 pm Lights Out

THURSDAY, October  26th

8:00 - 9:30 am Conference Registration  – Pool Atrium area
10:00 - 11:50 noon Opening  General Session - ALL STUDENTS & Advisors  (Conference Officially begins)
10:30 - 11:30 am Advisors Session - ALL ADVISORS
12:00 - 1:00 pm Lunch   General Session, Topic: Expectations / Professionalism
1:00 - 5:00 pm Color  Chapter  Breakout  Activities :   Report to Chapter Rooms
3:30 - 4:30 pm Training Workshop:  Briefings for Presidents, Parliamentarian, Secretary’s & Treasurers
5:00 - 6:00 pm Ridiculous Relays Team Skills  (entire team participates)
6:00 - 6:30 pm Dinner
6:30 - 7:30 pm First General Session ,  Topic:  To be determined
7:30 – 8:00 pm FREE TIME - Pool Time &/or Social Activity   Local Chapter Meeting - MUST STAY ON HOTEL PROPERTY
8:00 - 11:00 pm Color  Chapter  Breakout  Activities :   Report to Chapter Rooms – Service Project Activity
9:00 pm Executive Council Meeting Training
10:30 pm Advisors Meeting   ALL Advisors must attend!
11:00 pm In Your Rooms (must have ordered pizza, get pop, etc. by this time)
11:30 pm Lights 

FRIDAY, October  27th

8:00 - 8:30 am Breakfast
8:30 - 9:30 am General Session, TOPIC:   To be determined
9:30 - 12:00 noon Color  Chapter  Breakout  Activities :   Report to Chapter Rooms
11:00 am Sailboat Regatta
12:00 - 12:30 pm Lunch
12:30 - 1:30 pm General Session, TOPIC:  To be determined
1:30 - 5:00 pm Color  Chapter  Breakout  Activities :   Report to Chapter Rooms
5:00 - 6:00 pm Dinner - General Session, TOPIC:  To be determined
6:15 - 6:45 pm Judges Meeting
6:45 - 9:30 pm Leadership Con tests for Students
6:45 - 10:00 pm Complete Leadership Award & Notebooks
10:00 pm Turn in Colored Chapter Notebooks
10:00 pm - 12:00 am Survival Celebration  – Sponsored event 
12:30 am Lights Out (must have ordered pizza, get pop, etc. by this time)

SATURDAY, October  28th

7:30 - 8:00 am Display Set Up & Judging
8:00 - 9:00 am Display Judging 
9:00 - 9:30 am Awards Assembly Breakfast
9:30 - 10:30 am Awards Session
10:30 - 11:30 am Check out of Hotel


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