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SkillsUSA National Conference Information


Updated for 2014!

Thank you to all who assisted in making our 2014 SkillsUSA Minnesota Championship Conference a great success. Congratulations to all participants, especially our medallion winners who will move on to represent Minnesota at the 50th Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students in Kansas City, Missouri. June 23-­?27, 2014 (Monday -­? Friday)

Here's what we need for EVERY PERSON ATTENDING. Whether your a contestant, voting delegate, observer, advisor, state officer, spouse, whoever; THIS DOES INCLUDE ADVISORS!!

If you are attending NLSC you MUST complete the following:
This material is TIME SENSTIVIE: Paperwork is due in 2½ weeks to the State SkillsUSA Office.


  • $185.00 PER PERSON ATTENDING - Make check to SkillsUSA Minnesota.
  • Duplicate and complete forms NLSC-­?MN & NLSC Form 1 ­? 2014 for everyone attending.
    (These 2 forms are what are DUE by April 22nd – in the State SkillsUSA Office to process)
  • Make a copy for your school records before you send it in.
  • Persons attending but not paying registration (i.e.. spouses, observers) will not receive trading pins, State T- shirt, etc. but are invited to join us for the orientation meeting, and Friday night rally.
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE is Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Please send in all forms and payment to the State SkillsUSA Office!

State Trading Pins

  • Each registered person will receive (1) SkillsUSA Minnesota Blinkie pin to trade, and four larger special NLSC pins.
  • Limited number of additional NLSC pins will be available at 2/$3

NLSC Registration, Personal and Liability Release Form (NLSC Form 1)

COPY FRONT & BACK of enclosed form (back to back please) for each person attending.

NLSC Form 1 can be downloaded here.

  • Please use the “NEW” Fillable Form that is attached for you. PLEASE, make a copy of the form for your records. Please SCAN and send back Electronically.
  • Please remind students that they should use a permanent address where they may be reached for the next three months for this form.
  • If student is under 18, parent or guardian must check the box located on the bottom. Medical and Insurance information must be completed in the denoted section. Participants should carry a copy of their insurance card at all times during the conference.
  • ALL persons attending, including Advisors must complete and sign this form. Make a copy of the completed form for each person to carry with them during conference. Forward original copies to the State SkillsUSA office.
  • Make sure form is filled out completely. If no insurance is available, the form must be checked in the appropriate place. Incomplete forms WILL BE returned and people will not be officially registered until the form is complete.
  • Please make sure attendees read and agree to information on the back of the form before signing. ? Please include date of birth on this document. If NO birth date is included this document will not processed.
  • Please include the Contest Codes for each OFFICIAL CONTESTS your student has qualified for. (With Contest Codes and Number of Allowed Competitors) See Flyer with Official Contests

SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards & Clothing Requirements

  • Review the Skills USA Technical Standards carefully to make sure your contestant knows what's what and has the necessary equipment & supplies for successful competition. "NEW" 2013-­?2014 Technical Standards.
  • Order appropriate clothing from NOW! Don’t wait till the last minute!
  • Contest Official Dress Requirements: Contestants must be in “Official Dress” as outlined in the 2013-­? 14 Technical Standards for each contest. See the "Official Contest Dress" poster located on the Minnesota Website. Reminder to all contestants about OSHA regulations when consulting "official dress". If your contest area is in an industry that would require additional protective equipment like steel toe boots, safety glasses, etc. per OSHA regulations then your judges will expect you to wear/bring appropriate footwear/protective devices for your competition.

    ALL Contests will follow Technical Standards as issued by SkillsUSA. Also remember to always check online for latest updates to Tech Standards or Friday Flash on the Minnesota Website.
  • See Clothing Poster Requirements for each contest in the 2013-­?2014 Technical Standards.
  • Résumé Requirement
    All competitors must create a one-­?page hard copy résumé and submit this to the contest committee chair at the contest orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point penalty. Competitors can bring a résumé to the contest on the day of competition however, the penalty will remain in effect.

National Officer Candidate Information

If you have a student interested, please call my office ASAP


SkillsUSA Jacket Orders

SkillsUSA Jacket Orders

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