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To help its student members become world-class workers and responsible American citizens.


SkillsUSA Minnesota is part of a national organization that serves over a quarter million student members annually, organized into more than 14,700 chapters and 54 state and territorial associations (including Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands). The Minnesota Association has offered leadership opportunities to over 200,000 student members since 1967, with a current annual membership of over 3,000. There are chapters in 29 technical colleges and 50 high schools or cooperative centers, with potential to serve many more. SkillsUSA is governed by a Board of Directors, elected from teachers that advise local chapters, and representing both the high school and college divisions and industry representatives. All programs are offered as integral to the curriculum.


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HP-LIFEWe are pleased to share that we are participating in the HP LIFE e-Learning Back to School Campaign. HP LIFE e-Learning is a free, online training program for students to learn about entrepreneurship and develop business and IT skills to prepare them for a future career. There are 24 interactive course modules covering finance, operations, marketing, communications and special topics in seven languages. Additional courses, languages, and features are being added regularly.

We will earn $1 for every HP LIFE e-Learning registered user for our state SkillsUSA program from September 1, 2014 to October 30, 2014 that registers with our state HP LIFE url provided below! (Up to a maximum of $115,000 for the entire Back to School campaign participants – so start early!).


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Minnesota Takes Home the Gold at the SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference

America's Highly Skilled Work Force Meets In Kansas City

Click here to download the press release and medal winners list (.pdf)

The Minnesota SkillsUSA delegation returned to Kansas City for the SkillsUSA Championships, June 23-27, 2014, as part of the SkillsUSA 50th annual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students. During the week, more than 6,100 outstanding career and technical education students—all state contest winners competed hands-on in 99 different trade, technical and leadership fields.



2014 SkillsUSA Minnesota State Conference Press Release

Minneapolis, MN, April 2, 2014 | download as PDF

The SkillsUSA Championships, held in Bloomington, MN took place on March 28-30, 2014. The conference was a showcase of career and technical education students where more than 800 outstanding career and technical education students competed in 80 hands-on trade, technical and leadership contests. Minnesota state colleges captured gold, silver and bronze medals for 207college division students at the SkillsUSA Minnesota 2014 State Leadership and Skills Conference, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bloomington. The competitions focused on technical skill demonstration where students captured gold, silver and bronze medals in 80 competitive events in both divisions, with over 590 college students from 25 campuses of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities the competition focused on technical skill demonstration in 60 competitive events. Minnesota High School students captured 200 gold, silver and bronze medals for the high school division in 60 competitive events, with over 218 students from 30 high school campuses.


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SkillsUSA Jacket Orders

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