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SkillsUSA Minnesota Alumni Conference Guidelines

SkillsUSA MINNESOTA – Alumni Team Members



* SkillsUSA emphasizes respect for the dignity of work, high standards in trade ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and professionalism. ALL conferences are planned as educational functions and all activities are centered on that objective.


* SkillsUSA is a professional student organization and we expect our Alumni members to conduct themselves accordingly. "Professional Image" is also part of our organizational goals.


* It is not our mission to make participation difficult for our members. We encourage Alumni members to have fun, make new friends, and to take advantage of assisting at leadership and competitive events which SkillsUSA sponsors.


* The following guidelines are standards that we expect all of our members to adhere to.


* All Alumni Members shall adhere to the SkillsUSA Minnesota Code of Conduct while in attendance at any conference or function.

The Alumni has an impact of the individual as a leader

  • Developing influence: how to manage for success
  • Communicating: how to deliver persuasive messages
  • Leading others: how to delegate and motivate

The Alumni has an impact of the individual as a citizen

  • Decision-making: having an impact on a local event
  • Serving the community: developing altruism and influence
  • Legislating: how government leaders effect change

The Alumni has an impact of the individual as an employee

  • Risk taking: a dialog about success and failure
  • Facilitating growth: teaching and reinforcing employability in others
  • Becoming a change agent: developing vision and exercising focus


The definition of An Alumni Volunteer is to assist at SkillsUSA Conference’s and to help give advice or information.

  • Alumni- you are expected to demonstrate Professional behavior and proper dress that reflect the SkillsUSA Dress Code. So students can look up to you as a ROLE MODEL!
  • As an Alumnus I will be representing a State and National Organization that commands professionalism as a representative of SkillsUSA.
  • As an Alumnus I am in attendance to help at the conference, be a role model, have FUN, and encourage students to step out of the box and challenge themselves.
  • Alumni who wish to ATTEND a SkillsUSA Conference – please fill out Conference Paperwork by DEADLINE due date. Paperwork must meet Deadline Date – or expenses will not be covered.
  • All Conference Paperwork must be submitted to the Alumni Coordinator of SkillsUSA Minnesota for approval.
  • The Alumni Committee will cover • Hotel Expenses for the Conference you are attending only during the Conference Dates. (Costs will not be covered for rooms needed prior to the conference or after the conference has ended)
  • If any Alumni Member is in need of additional financial support to attend the National Conference, please submit a letter of request, along with your SIGNED Alumni Conference Guidelines prior to attending the National Conference.