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These student leaders serve in a variety of roles throughout their year of service. As leaders, they serve as communicators, advocates and facilitators. The state officer team leads both state conferences: Fall Leadership Conference and the State Leadership and Skills Conference.

They also serve local chapters and teach members skills from the SkillsUSA Framework that will help them become career-ready. Additionally, they serve as teammates to one another as they build relationships with members across the state.

Being a state officer is the ultimate growth, personal development and student leadership experience in SkillsUSA Minnesota.The overall program focuses on five key essential elements of the SkillsUSA Framework: responsibility, communication, teamwork, leadership and professional development.

The skills learned through this leadership program will help officers not only be successful in serving the organization, but also throughout their lives and careers.

Joshua Isaacson

Joshua Isaacson

Alexandria Technical & Community College

Hi! My name is Josh Isaacson and I'm in my second and last year of college studying Carpentry! I've been involved with SkillsUSA for only my second year now since my small town high school didn't have the program growing up. After graduation I hope to keep working with a local contractor and continue to build houses and other projects around Alexandria! When I'm not at work or school, I can be found either playing volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, or going to music concerts with my friends!

Hayzl Perkins

Hayzl Perkins

SouthWest Metro Intermediate

Hello! I'm Hayzl Perkins and I'm with the SouthWest Metro Cosmetology program. I am a senior, and will be graduating in Spring 2023. I was in my local SkillsUSA chapter last year and this year am a State Officer! Next year I plan on attending Cosmetology school.

Christopher Dufault (he/him)

Christopher Dufault (he/him)

Sebeka High School

My name is Chris Dufault. I’m a Sebeka High School senior, and this is my third year in SkillsUSA and my first time as an officer. I like to play grand strategy, historical, creative, and building games on PC or console. I’m also an avid flute player. My dream career is to be a counseling psychologist.

Casey Blixt

Casey Blixt

Sebeka High School

I’m a Junior at Sebeka High School. I would like to be in the IT field after I get done with school. Some of my hobbies are four wheeling and playing video games. I have been in SkillsUSA for 3 years, and I will be doing the Information Technology Services competition this year.

Become A State Officer

Being a SkillsUSA Minnesota State Officer is the ultimate student growth and leadership experience. The skills learned through this leadership program will help officers to not only be successful in serving the organization, but also throughout their lives and careers. Potential candidates should be dedicated to SkillsUSA, have a desire to serve the members of the organization, be able to work in a team and be willing to learn and grow.

The SkillsUSA Minnesota State Officer Team is an extension of the state office. State officers can expect to be trained in fundraising and leadership, but also in how to build confidence and speak with professionalism around business, industry and legislative leaders. If elected you will be required to miss several days of school to attend training, public functions, industry visits, and various conferences. Our state officers have the opportunity to build their transferable skills and boost their resume while at the same time benefiting the state organization!

Throughout their year of service, SkillsUSA Minnesota State Officers will help to grow membership, develop new initiatives for the state organization as well as local chapters, meet with business and industry on behalf of the state, attend trainings at the state and national level and facilitate training at conferences and meetings.

State Officer candidates will run as a “slate” or “at-large” meaning that no officer titles are chosen through the actual election. Roles of the State Officers will be determined based on the assets, skills and interests of each student; the goal is to ensure that all students get the most out of their State Officer experience while representing SkillsUSA Minnesota to the best of their ability. All officer positions will be determined following the Incoming State Officer Training taking place in a 2-3 day time frame following the elections.

Interested in Applying for the State Officer Team?

SkillsUSA Minnesota is looking for high school students to join our officer team at this time. College students will run for office in the fall of 2021. High School State Officers elected in Spring of 2021 will serve a full year of service beginning with a training in May and culminating in their participation in the SkillsUSA Minnesota State Leadership & Skills Conference in 2022. Prospective officers must have at least one year left of high school to be eligible.

Interested in applying for the College/Postsecondary State Officer Team?

Check back for more information!


  • Leadership Development
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Build Effective Teams
  • Strengthened Communication Skills
  • Expand Your Professional Network
  • Plan Events & Conferences
  • Represent Student Members


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